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The Visual Experience

This September we had the opportunity to travel to the great land of India.  A nation known for its ancient culture, fine delicacy, legendary Bollywood industry and the greatest cricket team in the world.

Together with a few keen travellers, we landed at the recently developed Delhi International Airport. Stepping out of the airport at midnight had to be one of the biggest culture shocks one could ever witness coming from the western side of the globe. We hitched a ride with a cabbie by the name of Babu Kaka who was driving a 2 wheeler that night (Rickshaw). Arrived at the hotel at around 1.30 am and called it a night after what was a long journey.

Day 1 – We took a stroll to India Gate which is a memorial to 82,000 soldiers of the undivided Indian Army who died in the period of 1914–21 in the First World War. We truly recommend this monument to everyone. (Especially if you’re into history)

We got to witness what life is like in India whilst taking a stroll on the streets and through slums.  The roads to some may seem like madness with animals freely walking, people crossing and horns going off continuously. There are no rules but the locals seem to have everything on lock.

In the gully’s we came across a group of young children who were ecstatic to see us and our cameras.  You just have to appreciate the smiles and kindness they convey.  The group (pictured below) wanted a few photos taken of them which then lead to a game of cricket – INDIA vs. New Zealand lads. Ofcourse the latter lost by an embarrassing margin… what a bunch of chokers we are.

The Taj Mahal – hands down the most aesthetically pleasing locations that I have seen thus far and ticking off one of the wonders of the world.  The rich history and beauty of this place is beyond my words.  Legend has it that, Shah Jahan built the Taj for his beloved wife Mumtaz, both their tombs rest inside the building.  I highly recommend visiting this place, spend half a day, make sure to bring your camera and capture the typical touristy photo which will become your Facebook Display Picture. OH and don’t forget to buy the best jalebis and samosas from the stall upon entry (mention Kelvin and you’ll get a discount)

Overall, we had such a rad time in India – seeing various historical landmarks, places of worship and the way of living.  The experience definitely changed the way we perceive things.  Can’t wait to be back here – still need to tick off Goa.  Alavida Dosto!

 Blogger & Photographer – Kelvin Lal  


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