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The Visual Experience

During our extended stay in the United States of America, a few mates and I went on the most epic Dora the Explorer type of adventure thus far. Los Angeles – the city of dreams.

As we got into L.A, we knew that we needed to be on our feet – out & about at all times.  We laced up our hiking boots, packed our equipment and hit up the Hollywood sign hiking trail and the Runyon Canyon Trail.  You know the massive sign you see in movies and those cool music videos?? Yeah that sign.  The walk up took around 45 minutes and was totally worth it.  At the summit we got a wide view of LA and of course the famous sign both of which allowed us to capture some spectacular shots.  Plus you may run into a few celebrities on their daily jogs uphill.

We were fortunate enough to score a decent deal on tickets to Universal Movie Studios and Warner Bros Movie Studios. I recommend both attractions as you get to explore a variety of cool things such as the Harry Potter, Batman, Jaws and Friends filming sets.  Plus you learn the clever tips and tricks of how Hollywood makes movies.   I literally went back in time and felt like an overly excited kid again while setting foot on the thrilling Jurassic Park, Mummy, Harry Potter and Simpson’s themed rides.  Although the studios are usually busy all year around with wait times in lines varying between 30 – 60 minutes – it is still a MUST DO.  Be sure to visit the KWIK E MART and grab yourself a duff beer and a donut through APU.

Walk, Walk, Walk – we literally walked all day everyday… First it was the long azzzzzz Hollywood Strip, where we got to see all the famous stars plagued on the path which was pretty dope and also got to take a photo with Spiderman and Ironman both of whom were just chilling on the streets casually…

The highlight of the trip would have to be Venice beach and Santa Monica beach.  As a kid growing up playing Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas, I recall CJ going to both locations to complete a few missions and take over his hood from the Balla’s. Thus, being here in real life was surreal.  I was stoked to have ridden a bike through the boardwalk, seeing the mecca of bodybuilding (muscle beach) and sitting on the famous Ferris – Wheel on the Santa Monica boardwalk.  There is a unique aroma in Venice – the grass is literally greener here, the ganja is flowing and the people keep blowing thanks to the many legal cannabis shops. Oh and I found a dude with a python walking around – luckily enough it was tamed and seemed to enjoy slithering on my shoulders…

Overall LA lived up to its name. The streets are crowded with a constant flow of people, the people are nice, the girls are nice, the food joints are nice – Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, In & Outburger, Hard Rock Café LA be sure to check these spots.

Catch you on the flipside Homes.

Blogger & Photographer – Zaynel & Kelvin

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