Nelson & Tasman region

The Visual Experience

Earlier this month the crew and I made a spontaneous trip to the South Island. First up, we hit sunny Nelson, hired 2 rad bikes from (Ubike) and rode around the city – soaking in the atmosphere of the place.  From there on we hiked up to the centre of New Zealand – which roughly took us about 30 minutes. Luckily we caught the golden hour at the peak.

Next morning – there was literally a storm out to bloody ruin our day… Like a hard-core hurricane level stuff.  So our MD sort of got his knickers in a knot and attempted to cancel our kayaking plans.  However, as a gutsy bloke I persuaded the crew to soldier on. We drove to the good old Abel Tasman where the real venture started.

I tell ya, the kayak experience was point on.  We free styled the entire trip (strictly no guide policy here mate) met a few good German lads, witnessed a few seals going about in their natural habitat.  On the flipside, our MD Nayz was struggling to keep up due to his lack of strength and endurance.  Hiking around the evening through forests and waterfalls was another great experience of our trip. Highly recommend taking the (The Riwaka Resurgence).

When you’re hungry in Abel Tasman – you MUST (I emphasise) you must go to (the fat tui). Honestly the best burgers we’ve had in our 23 years of living on earth. Guaranteed! This was our go to spot for the trip.

Next thing on our itinerary was the Golden Bay – Puponga. This is where the famous elephant rock is. We had an adventurous drive through steep mountains and windy roads basically in the wop wops… This was hands down one of the best spots that we have been to in our beautiful New Zealand.

There are a few other spots in Nelson we hit such as the famous Nelson markets where you will find unique artefacts as well as fine street food.

Couple of recommended spots to check out –

Marcels Bakery

Nelson Markets

Centre of NZ

Ka kite ano mokos.


 Blogger – Kelvin Lal / Photographer – Nayzel Sushil

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